I am inspired to create art because, when I don’t overthink it, the process of creation is joyful, childlike play (which is fun). When I am present to it, labouring over whether or not the art I produce is “good” doesn’t come into it.

I completed my Higher School Certificate (HSC) majoring in Music, Visual Art, Photography, Film, Writing and Drama with a UAI of 92.95. I went on to study a Bachelor of Creative Arts at The University of Melbourne (Creative Writing, Drama, Visual Arts, Design, Photography). Beyond School I have worked in Creative Studios and had the privilege of teaching (or rather encouraging) children (ages 5-11) in Creative Art classes in after school programs.

I am influenced by natural beauty and feel very grateful for my upbringing in the Australian bush. I would say most of my work is a response to flora, fauna and imagination. Although I’d like to say that I specialise in one particular artform, I don’t … I am a multidisciplinary artist and depending on what story/idea/concept I am trying to communicate I utilise different materials.

I grew up in a mudbrick home in the NSW wilderness with snakes, spiders and trees for days. I went to school on the Sapphire Coast of NSW. I have lived in Sydney, London, Melbourne and the Great South West of Victoria. I now reside in the Northern Rivers of NSW and feel most at home and creatively fulfilled in a cathedral of trees on a floor of dirt and stones, beside a running freshwater river.

I hope to pursue visual art, music and performance for the rest of my life, to travel with it and to share it with different people from all corners of the planet. I also have a deep passion for witnessing people rediscover, nurture and become connected with their innate creativity. I think we are all deeply creative at heart.

Thank you x