Framing to me is of so much importance - it is an extension of the work, it collaborates with the artwork, continues it story, encases it, keeps it safe.

When I discovered Billinugel Picture Framers after quite a search for the right framer I knew it was the right fit - for more reason than one. Working with Damon on finding the best frame for this work was a joy. His knowledge and understanding of art is expansive. I really wanted to use an Australian hardwood as it extends the dialogue of the work. It just so happened that one of the timbers Damon uses is that of Eucalyptus Obliqua; the very tree that the majority of the leaves I drew came from.

I am conscious of the environmental impact framing can have and Damon ensured that he went to all lengths to ensure we could come up with a great solution - that is why we have ended up with a frame which is plastic free.

Native Australian Hardwood Frame
100% Museum Grade Cotton Backing
UV70 Non Reflective Glass (Tru Vue)

Framing is available for all works and we can work together on getting a custom finish for you, to suit your home or space requirements.

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